Best Available Paint Roller in Pakistan - Black Cat Semi Smooth Roller

What Is House Painting?

Why do we paint our houses? This is a question which might come to mind of a person who's building or renovating his home. Basically painting is a cost-effective and simple way to enhance the interior and exterior of your home. Painting is an economical and effective home decor option, whether you want to paint your children's rooms or freshen the finish on your outside. Painting the interior and outside is vital for a variety of reasons. There are various reasons for it.

Paint protects the interior or exterior surface by coating it with a protective coating. It makes it possible for such regions to survive wear and tear while also shielding walls from the destructive impacts of harsh weather. Applying paint to your home will help to slow down the deterioration process. It shields your house from harsh elements like the sun and water.

It also increases the property value. If you paint the walls of your home and other surfaces, the value of your property increases in the real estate market. It makes your property easier to sell to prospective buyers. Painting is an accessible solution for people who want to raise the value of their property affordably. The home will look newer and more appealing to buyers. Painting surfaces is a minor improvement that yields major returns.

What are the tools used for Painting?

Every job necessitates the use of the appropriate tool. This adage applies to all painters. So as per the requirements you pick from all the universal brushwares.

A paint roller and a paintbrush are two very different tools that essentially can both get the same job done. While that may be true, both the brush and the roller have their time and place. Brushes are ideal for small areas, or areas where more precision painting is needed. Brushes are ideal for trim, corners, and edges. A roller is designed to cover a large area, and hold a lot of paint to cover more area at once. Paint rollers are perfect for walls, ceilings, and any large size surface.


Brushes exist in a variety of designs and sizes, so picking one is a personal decision. Consider the size of the area you wish to paint when choosing a brush. Pick it up and pay attention to how it feels in your hands. Bristles are another factor to consider. For your painting project, you'll need to know what bristly type, size, and style will work best.

Paint Rollers:

Rollers are also available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and materials. Consider the size of the area you'll be painting as well as the surface area when selecting a roller. Depending on the type of surface, you'll generally want a variable nap, or pile depth, and length.

Obviously while painting large surface areas including home walls, buildings or anything on a large scale. They are smooth and efficient.

Why Black Cat Semi Smooth Roller?

Black Cat Semi Smooth Paint Rollers are the No. 1 best selling paint rollers in Pakistan. Their fabrics are designed to specifically maximize coverage of water-based paints. Moreover they are made of knitted polyester fabric and consist of medium pile height of 10-12MM to ensure a semi smooth finish.

It is one of the best quality paint rollers available in Pakistan because of their many technical benefits which includes its use of 5 - Spoke Cage technology. It can be used with whatever material you want. It's for all types of usages, interior, exterior, dry wall, lightly textured dry walls, ceilings, false ceilings and even smooth wood. On almost all type of materials it's super efficient.

Black Cat Semi Smooth Paint Rollers are thermo-bonded, and extendable.

If you are looking for a painting solution, Universal Brushwares, is the go to place dealing with all of it, and it is offering the brand, Pakistan's No.1 Choice in Paint Rollers, that is Black Cat Semi Smooth Paint Roller. It is the best of it's kind and there is no better and higher quality product than this. So if you are looking for it, and for more queries, visit:


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